Monday, April 23, 2007

A nasty thunderstorm was nipping at my heels as I made the final dash
from Go Bus stop to home this afternoon. I could see the sky to the north
was dark grey with menacing clouds as the Go bus traveled through
Georgetown and I suspected that it would be a close thing, whether I made
it home before the rains came or not. Not!

The rain was sprinkling the bus's windshield as we rounded the final corner
on highway 7 and my stop came up. I was scrabbling to pack my book in a
plastic bag and then stuff it in my shoulder bag, and then realized my
umbrella was at the bottom of that bag and had to rummage furiously to
find it and haul it out. Then arranged purse, shoulder bag and cross stitch
bag so that the cross stitch bag was against my side and protected by the
others. As I got off the bus the wind grabbed for my umbrella and we had
a struggle until I managed to gain control.

I had to wait for the road to clear before I could cross, but was lucky
enough not to have to wait for too long. As I skipped across the street, with
a blustery breezy escort, the rain began to come down harder. I half ran/half
walked down the sidewalk as the thunder began to roll. Two doors from
home the rain began to pelt and I threw caution and a sore heel to the wind
(literally) and ran for it.

The front porch was a flimsy shelter at best as the rain was falling at a
slant and soaking the area almost as if it was out in the open. I hung my
umbrella on the mail box, fished my keys out of my purse, and got the
front door open and myself through it with a final push from the
elements behind me. And the door closed on a deluge of rain and a roar
of thwarted thunder.

So how was your day??

My weekly update of "Country Stores" by Cross Country Stitching. I spent
a lot of time this weekend sitting on the front stoop stitching away. Spring
finally arrived here in all her glory. It was in the mid 70's and sunny, with
not a cloud in the sky. Wonderful.

There was a used book sale at a local high school to raise money for
charity so I roused myself out of bed at the crack of dawn (7:30 am) so
that I could be showered, dressed, and fed before 8:45. The doors were
suppose to open at 9:00 but when we got there, well before 9:00 there
were already people coming out with bags full of books. DH dropped me
off and went to run some errands, while I made my way indoors and into
the high school's auditorium, where there were tables lined up end to end
and piled with books. The organizers had arranged the books according to
subject and each section had a large sign to let people know where the
various types of books were.

I spent about half an hour wandering around, checking out the books, and
I came away with six hardcover books in good to excellent condition. I've
already stored them down in the library but I'll list their titles and authors
on my next post, when I have more time. If I remember.

I'm going out after dinner this evening, and so I've got to finish this soon
and go make a quick meal for DH and I. I've been lax in posting the last
few days and felt that I should make an effort today, even if time was

The picture at the top of this post is of some of the spring flowers that are
appearing in our backyard. I love Spring!!! Cheers!


BeckySC said...

You are steadily making progress :)

Shannon L. said...

Oh my - flowers blooming already ! You're so close to me, and yet so far. Snowdrops are still the only sign of life in our gardens.

Your Go Bus experience sounds familiar :) Mine is typically making the mad dash for the GoTrain to drop A off. Today he ran to the train just as it pulled away. Frustration abounds with that system ! But it's certainly easier on his sanity than driving downtown Toronto every day. I think...

Love the WIP pic - you're making incredible progress on it. I'm impressed !